Uniform Care

How to properly care for your Marching Band uniform

We our proud of our marching band uniforms, and expect them to last for many years to come. In order to make that happen, each band member must take precautions to keep their uniform in “like-new” condition. Purchased in 2019, the MMAC and the Middletown HS Marching Band utilized fundraising efforts and grants to pay for the new uniforms, which, in total, cost approximately $60,000.

Each student will be fitted for and assigned a uniform during the first weeks of pre-camp in the month of July. Musicians uniforms includes:

  • Garment bag with unique number
  • Hat box with corresponding number (except field commanders, auxiliary and sousaphones)
  • Bib pants
  • Jacket
  • Shako (hat) with cover or beret
  • Gauntlets
  • Shoes
  • White gloves
  • Summer uniform, which includes shirt and shorts

Plumes are distributed by a uniform volunteer prior to each event and collected after the performance.

During the band season, members will be asked to wear their show shirts and black socks for any performance for which uniforms are to be worn. Summer uniforms are worn for home games when the weather is hot.

Color guard wears a different uniform each marching season. The guard instructor will communicated directly with guard members about their show uniforms and fittings.

Adjusting Pant/Sleeve Length

Each uniform has snaps in the seams of the pants and sleeves to adjust the length.

To adjust the length of your pants the first time, put your bib pants on inside-out, and then put on your band shoes. Adjust the shoulder straps so that the pants are comfortable and well-fit on your torso.

Next, fold the pants up so that they are the correct length and snap in place. The length of your pants should just touch your shoes. Your pants should not slouch on your shoes.

A uniform committee member will inspect your pant length at your fitting. If the length does not seem right at the first football game, please contact a uniform committee member. DO NOT ALTER YOUR UNIFORM ON YOUR OWN. The snaps can be adjusted, and we will help you do that, if necessary.

Uniform Inspections

During the performance year (games; regional and state competitions, a uniform committee volunteer will inspect you in uniform, making sure your uniform is clean, looking for wrinkles or dust/lint, and making sure your shoes shine. As your plume is white, special attention should be paid to make sure they stay white. As such, only a uniform committee volunteer should handle plumes. Plumes are distributed by a uniform volunteer prior to each event and collected after the performance.

Video on Uniform Care

Please watch the video below, featuring former Field Commander Trinity Icaza, on how to store and care for your uniform while at games and competitions.

Video by Monica Rothe

Information for the Uniform Committee

Uniform Fittings

Uniform fittings take place the second and third weeks of marching band pre-camp. Students will sign up for a time slot for their fitting.

At the fitting, they are assigned a bag/hat box number and are sized for bib pants and a jacket. The bib pants should be tried on inside out with leg snaps showing in order to fit the appropriate length. Once pants are appropriately fitted, students will be fitted for their jacket and arms will be snapped to the appropriate length.

Returning marching band members can try on previous uniforms for fit.

Note for the battery (drum) members: Harness for snare, tenors, and flubs are worn under the jacket; harnesses for bass drums are worn over the tunic.

Students then are fitted for shoes and hats. Hat covers and gauntlets are then sized. Once uniform fitting is complete, all pieces should be stored in the assigned bag / box with corresponding numbers.

Students will then be fitted for a summer uniform, which consists of a shirt and shorts.

Uniform Cleaning