Scholarships & Grants

Middletown Musical Arts Club (MMAC) believes in the importance of music as part of the educational experience. Research shows, time and time again, that music education boosts IQ, focus, and persistence in youth, and improves cognitive function and academic performance.

The following is a list of awards available to graduating music students:

MMAC Anthony Rossi Service and Leadership Award

MMAC Middie Music Boosters Scholarships

Compiled list of nationwide scholarships for music students

MMAC Anthony Rossi Service & Leadership Award

Founded in 2023 in honor of Anthony Rossi, who volunteered over 500 hours for MMAC during the 2022-2023 academic year, the purpose of this award is to recognize a student who has shown leadership and has dedicated a minimum of 200 service hours to MMAC and the Middletown High School Music Department in one academic year. Award details can be viewed in this document.

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MMAC Middie Music Boosters Scholarships

MMAC offers a number of Middie Music Booster Scholarships to graduating Middletown High School seniors. Winners are selected without application by music department directors and recipients are announced at the MHS Senior Award Ceremony in May of the academic year.

Middie Music Booster scholarships include:

  • Middie Music Boosters President’s Award
  • Middie Music Boosters Christian Henderson Memorial Music Award
  • Middie Music Boosters James Veith Award
  • Middie Music Boosters Lou Botos Memorial Music Award
  • Middie Music Boosters Robert Mucha Choral Award
  • Middie Music Boosters William Stiehl Music Scholarship
  • Middie Music Boosters Roy Scheibert Hatfield Music Award
  • Middie Music Boosters Scholarship to an Outstanding Musician

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Compiled List of Nationwide Scholarships for Music Students

This list of scholarships is specifically geared toward Middletown High School music students who are seeking post-secondary education, whether they continue to study music or not.

MMAC does not endorse any of the scholarship or financial aid sites listed, nor can we confirm the accuracy of information provided by these sites. This list of scholarships and awards is intended as a resource to support Middletown High School music students. Scholarship deadlines and requirements may change without notice.

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